Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Colorado Buddy Goes On African Safari

My buddy Scott in Colorado married wisely. At a big outdoor show last winter his wife won an all expenses paid African safari - guides included. Since she needed an escort, Scott had a great excuse to plan a "trip of a lifetime" to bag some game and put some mounts on the wall.

Here's Scott with a massive kudu!

Scott With a 53" Kudu
According to Scott these guys can get up to 65", but that is rare. He rated this guy an 8 outta 10. All I know is that's a fine twist on those horns.  Here's some more:



Blue Wildebeest
Here's one that Scott's wife took down. Who says a Lady with pink finger nail polish can't go on an African Safari and take down a wild beast - with a bow no less? Congrats!

Nettie With A ??
 And what would a trip to Africa be without the obligatory Zebra?

That is an amazingly articulated hide - I like how it goes right up through the mane.

I've yet to discuss details of the trip with Scott. But that can wait until next summer at the campground and on the hikes. Hopefully he won't have forgotten all the stories by then! ;)

Back at home, the Lost Solar fire picked up again in late summer:

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