Saturday, May 31, 2014

Deer Me

So yesterday I went for a walk around the neighborhood and I come around the corner by my house and a doe goes bounding in front of me - giving me a odd glance or two as she crossed the road. I soon found out why the odd look - there were two little fawns hunkered down in the ditch. They perked up as I walked by and one of them gets out and starts to venture out onto the road just as I see a 4 wheeler coming toward us and hear a car coming from around the curve behind us. I'm like doode, be careful, and I try to herd the little guy out of the road.

Two Little Guys Scared Shitless
 Then his sibling comes out and I realize the Mama is on one side of the road and the little guys are on the other side. I felt the need to intervene considering the time of day and the chance of cars coming around the corner. I finally get them to cross the road into my yard and where Mama is (although hiding out of sight).
I Finally Get Them To Cross The Road To Mama's Side
 Patting myself on the back and thinking I did my good deed for the day, I go to check my mailbox as is my habit after completing my walk, run, or bike ride. As I am walking up my driveway checking out the front page of the newspaper, low and behold the two little polka-dotted fawns are walking right behind me. I'm like guys, no-no-no, go back to the woods, hunker down, and wait for Mama. I'm actually talking to them at this point. So they follow me back over to the woods where Mama ducked in, I get them to hunker down, then say "Stay!" (as if they have a clue), and this time run around my front yard and up my driveway. Thinking I had solved the problem once and for all, I continue reading the paper and walked all the way up to the house and, jeez, there are the two little guys again, right behind me sniffing my legs.

At this point I am thinking of the old adage "if you touch a bird in the nest the Mama will have nothing to do with it", which I assume hold for deer as well. Trying my best not to touch them, or I should say for them to touch me (I did feel a wet nose on my leg at one point), I tried my best to get them back into the woods. I could tell the episode was tiring them as their tongues were hanging out and I am sure they were still on the tit and starving. But I knew their pleading bleats for Mama would go unanswered as long as I was on the scene. So I just went inside the house hoping they would go back into to the woods.

No such luck...they hung around in my backyard (in the bright sun) and I was starting to worry about them even more. Finally I went back outside and took them over to the woods on the side yard and just sat and stared at them, hoping they would realize I did not have a tit for them and get bored with me. They finally did. Into the woods they went and they did not come back out. Good action!

I have not seen them since, and surely hope when I do they will be grazing next to Mama!

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Terri Reed said...

Pleading bleats are heart-wrenching!!! I rode my bike past the bog after a good rain 3 days ago and heard about 4 different pleading bleats, ah jeeze, just shut the door to my heart and rode on fast! those little guys can really pull your heart strings eh? Amazing they followed you!