Saturday, January 19, 2013

BobV's Version of "The FEZ" by Steely Dan

On this song, BobV thinks he is Paul McCartney and plays (or programs...) every instrument on the track. We can only assume he is now busily working on the vocal...

Check it out on YouTube:

BobV: "The Fez"

Top-10 Guitar Solos


#1: Scarlett Begonias >> Fire On The Mountain
Grateful Dead: Cornell University, 5-8-1977
Jerry Garcia - Lead Guitar
When Jerry goes haywire at the end of FOTM, it puts goosebumps on top of my head.

#2 I Shot The Sheriff (Live)
Eric Clapton - Lead Guitar
Crossroads (Disc 3)
Watch a Version Live (This is not the version I picked, which I cannot find on video)

#3 Spooky
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Barry Bailey/J.R. Cobb - Lead Guitars
Tight, groovy, and relentless.

#4 Reeling In The Years
Steely Dan
Elliot Randall - Lead Guitar
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page said that Elliott Randall's guitar solo on "Reeling In the Years" is his favorite guitar solo of all time.

#5 Blue Sky
Allman Brothers
Dickie Betts - Lead Guitar
Duane Allman - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
"Wall along the river...."
Gives me a buzz every time, guaranteed.

#6 Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Doobie Brothers
Tom Johnston - Lead Guitar
Patrick Simmons - Lead Guitar
Tiran Porter - Bass Guitar

#7 Kid Charlemagne
Steely Dan
Larry Carlton - Lead Guitar

#8 Big Log
Robby Blunt - Lead Guitar
Not real fancy, but the guitar on this song puts me in a trance.

#9 Hotel California
The Eagles
Joe Walsh - Lead Guitar
Don Felder - Lead Guitar

#10 TIE

Derek And The Dominos
Duane Allman - Lead Guitar
Eric Clapton - Lead Guitar

Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page - Lead Guitar