Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fryingpan River 2011

The Fryingpan River's Ruedi Dam Outlet

Bases Loaded

Despite the bigger sized fish at the dam, how I yearned to be at some of my favorite downstream runs (alone...) casting dry-flies and fooling nice rainbows and browns...maybe next year?

The Fitzman with a Brown caught on his Mysis Shrimp

Thanks for the pic Sherrie!

This football took the Fitz Special

This guy took the Store Bought Mysis

Ya know, you watch these fisherman with a guide and it looks so easy to net these fish when the guide nets em for ya. But I gotta tell ya, I missed this fish 3 times before netting was an adventure in fly-fishing. That said, this fish had so many hook marks in his mouth his "lips" were near gone. I was prouder of the brown above caught on my mysis shrimp. His mouth was virgin - or near enough for me ;)