Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fiat "Panda Natural Power"

The Fiat Panda Natural Power vehicle can run on natural gas or gasoline! It has separate fuel tanks and a switch to go from one fuel to another. The perfect design for countries with limited natural gas refueling stations.

I am trying to find out if you can purchase a home natural gas refueling appliance bundled with the Panda. I am also trying to find out if it is even possible to buy this car in the United States! More on this when I get additional information. I have also requested detailed technical specifications from Fiat. This car recently won a German contest to determine what European vehicle could go the furthest on 30 Euros of fuel (450 miles).

Here is a really cool video about the car and you can watch it being refueled with natural gas!! Very cool. The video is in French. Click on the link below.

Panda in Action Video

You Tube Video (mostly car profiles and cool jazz)

Panda Profiles Video

Interior Picture:

Just imagine, if Americans were able to buy this car along with a home garage natural gas refueling appliance: we would be filling up in our garage with natural gas from the American Haynesville and Marcellous shales for HALF the price of gasoline derived from foreign oil at inconvenient gas stations. We could begin reducing our over 60% reliance on foreign oil tomorrow. No waiting for breakthroughs in battery technology, no wait for expensive and unproven electric cars. We could reduce foreign oil imports NOW. When will Congress, the American financial media, and Americans themselves wake up and smell the roses?