Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Johnny-Man Catches Caney Fork Rainbows

John Shows His Technique

Center Hill's generators ran from 9-11am yesterday and the flow made the upstream run in Jim's boat interesting. When we to a run where Jim and I slayed them earlier this summer but alas, the fishing was slow. I got several strikes by some good sized bows on my zebra nymph but failed to hook them as they were not slamming it by any means. John wasn't doing as well on his attractor/nymph rig so we switched him over to a soft-hackle emerger. He pretty quickly hooked a nice size bow that got off (an "LDR"), but subsequently hooked-up and landed two rainbows. For a first time fly-fisherman, he handed the rod like a veteran! The lack of caught fish wasn't his fault but his guide's (i.e., ME). I only landed 4 myself. Surprisingly, 3 of the 4 were brookies. No boat today, so we'll be fishing up by the dam when they stop generating, and down to happy hollow later in the afternoon.