Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meadow Creek Lake

Evening on Meadow Creek Lake

Well I am back in civilization after 2 weeks in the schtank. Hot showers and wi-fi should never be taken for granted!

The trip this year started off at the Fryingpan River. Little Maud campground was closed with more water problems. Funny, ever since the Forest Service put the water system in (under lock and key I might add....grrrr....) we've had water problems there. I never had a problem with the old well water which was always fine to me and everyone else. No matter, I now get my water down below at mi 11 or so where the best spring water in the world is just off the River Road. Anyhow, I stayed at Little Mattie campground for the first time which has no water at all but was "only" $16/night which is great for me. There I met Carol and her great-grand daughter Nyah. By the way, I am told Little Maud will be opening again this week.

Carol and Great-Grand Daughter Nyah

Not sure how we got on the subject, but as Carol was telling me her life story (and how she lived out of the camper on her Dodge for 25 years), she mentioned she had been celibate for 15 years. I told her I had been celibate (not by choice, but simply lack of access) for nearly 2 years. And she said, oh, nice looking young man like you? I said, well, it's not so bad, but I just don't sleep as well. She said you don't? I said, nope, it's not natural for a healthy man to be single. Anyhow, later that night she came by with some cookies to "help you sleep". I said really, since when do cookies help you sleep? And she winks and says, well, you'll see...I have become very fond of cookies in my older age. (Use your imagination on the ingredients!). What a panic.

Anyhow, I fished the Pan for a couple days. The flow was up, but very fishable. I hit a couple of my favorite spots down below and did ok, but nothing special. Got skunked just below the damn looking for glory and a big whopper. Nothing new there. It's still relatively early and I always do better on the Pan in late July.

From there it was on to Meadow Creek Lake which is around 9,000 ft in elevation. It's a convenient place to stop off the New Castle to Buford shortcut to the Flat Tops Wilderness. Plus, it's a good place for me to further acclimate to the higher elevations before beginning hikes in the FTs. So, I had a relaxin couple days at the lake where I fished and got used to camping again. There was an old man named Blair camping up there. I would guess he was in his late 70's or early 80's. He was happy as hell all alone and listening to the Colorado Rockies baseball games on his transistor radio, splitting wood for his fire, chasing the coons off, and just sitting there enjoying the scenery.

The fishing at Meadow Creek Lake was also a bit slow because the two creeks feeding it had already come way down. Too bad - when the creeks are flowing all one has to do is stand between them with a fly-rod and the fish pretty much jump on your hook. So, I had to work a lil harder but soon caught my share of rainbows who were all too happy to go airborne and sometimes put on quite spectacular shows of jumping ability.

A Meadow Creek Lake Brook Trout

The only notable fish was a quite handsome brook trout I caught which was, despite its smallish size, one of the bigger brook trout I have caught. Then it was off to the Flat Tops Wilderness!

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