Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day into No Name

I decided to hike into No Name for a third and final time in 2010. The weather was once again perfect and the river was starting to drop a bit regardless of the previous days' rain upstream. Conditions were perfect. I caught a few nice fish but it was clear they remembered me (and my flies) from a couple days prior. I missed another huge cutthroat down in the "canyon" as I call it. It is just impossible to land 20-25" cutties that weigh anywhere from 4-6 lbs in current that fast with a 3lb tippet. That said, I keep trying year after year and who knows, one of these days perahps luck will shine on me.

I caught only one non-rainbow or cut-bow: this frisky little No Name brook trout.

No Name Brook Trout

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I had to work a bit harder today to fool the fish and did not catch as many as my first couple times in. They were looking over their shoulder a bit more on rises. One fish in particular fought like hell and I believe it was a rainbow rather than a cut-bow.

No Name Rainbow

Caught a nice cut-bow that was just too fat to hold in my hand. Thought I got a nice picture of him in the water, but it didn't turn out too good - but here he is anyway.

Fat-boy Cutbow

It was a great year on the No Name. I must admit feeling very melancholy as I made the hike back to the campground knowint it would be at least another year before I was to visit this dirt and this water again.

The Fitzman and a Trout

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