Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Fish Story

A couple named John and Sandy from Texas were camping next to me at Sugarbush. I was waxing on about my broken hook story and Sandy says, well, I have a fish story for you. She was fishing some river in Colorado and caught a nice rainbow. In her excitement I guess she cranked it out of the water pretty good and the fish ended up falling into a big pile of large rocks some feet from the river and it had gotten off her hook. Sandy couldn't move the rocks but she could see the fish flopping around down there and felt badly about it. She thought, well, I'll put a salmon egg on the hook and drop it down there. She did, and the fish bit it and got hooked! So, she just lifted the fish out of the pile of rocks, washed it off in the river, and headed for home with dinner. Next thing she knows some guy is scrambling down the cliff, walks right over to the pile of rocks and just stares. Apparently he had not seen the first catching of the fish and only witnessed Sandy pulling the fish out of the rocks. When they left, she looked in the rear view mirror and the man was still standing there with his hands on his hips and just staring at the pile of rocks.

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