Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Glimpses of World History" by Nehru

I recently read "The Post-American World" by Fareed Zakaria. Zakaria is a native of India and has a very healthy and clear-headed view of the world today. If only someone like him ran the U.S. State Department! Regardless, the book is a good read and in it Zakaria highly recommends a book by a fellow Indian author: Nehru - "Glimpses of World History". My local library was able to produce a copy and I was suprised to discover the book is a collection of letters Nehru wrote to his young daughter while in jail(s) for the "crime" of fighting against the British for his country's freedom. Nehru's writing appear to be motivated by the guilt he suffered as a result of being absent from his daughter's formative years. I can relate. His solution was writing her everyday and sharing his life's knowledge and experience. Nehru's perspectives on world history are unique, and very cool. The fact he wrote this book without access to a library or any reference material is impressive. It's a thick book, but for those still experiencing the winter that won't end (it's snowing here yet again today!), perhaps a snort of Jameson's, a warm fire, and Nehru's "Glimpses of World History" would not be such a bad way to pass the time.

18 days til spring...

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