Monday, January 11, 2010

Ancient Chinese Proverb

"He who splits his own wood heats himself twice!"
Doug "Tao-tze" Fitzsimmons

The wood pile

This is especially true when splitting red oak with an 8-lb maul. Had I fully comprehended the ins-n-outs of chain-sawing and wood-splitting, I probably would have bought the next larger size wood stove. That said, I love my little Lopi Patriot stove. Since I insulated the attic, added interior doors to partition the house, and installed a small gas heater in the bedroom, the amount of wood I am burning now has been much reduced over years past - not to mention my house warms much faster now. Get this: my bills last month (December) were $28/gas and $36/electric. I'd bet money those are two of the lowest bills in town! Of course it's alot of work, but I rationalize the effort by telling myself it keeps me in shape and helps fund my fly-fishing addiction. Meantime, I count the days until my pensions will come through - only 5 more years to go!

Sure thought I had enough wood for this year and next (not all is shown in the picture). But the extremely frigid start to 2010 has really bitten into my reserves. It has not gotten above freezing yet this year! Not to worry though, I have a nice white oak I need to take down soon so that my garden gets a bit more sun next year. So, I'll kill two birds with one stone on that job. That said, it has painted me to burn so much of the nice hickory I had stacked up. I was hoping to keep some for next winter!

A Lopi Patriot Woodstove fire a burnin

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