Saturday, October 17, 2009

Siding Job is Done, Broccoli Cometh

The good news is after playing hide and seek with the rain for the last 2 weeks I finally finished siding the section of the house which I've been toiling on. The bad news is less than 1/4 of the house is finished. Ever start a job and the idea sounds so good only to realize you're in for a whole helluva lot more work than you envisioned? I bet it takes me another 2-3 years to finish siding the entire house. I could probably finish it next summer if I didn't like fly-fishing so much, but that ain't gonna happen. This section was the worst in that it had six windows and framing the windows really slows you down. However, two of the other sections go two stories high and I still have not figured out how I am going to do those sections without building some sort of scaffolding. All that said, I am very happy with the way the siding looks and it is an air tight seal and ready for whatever winter throws at me this year. The combination of the siding and the insulation I laid down in the attic should mean I burn alot less wood in the ole wood stove this year. Let's hope so! By the way, the gutter in the picture looks screwy because i stuck a couple pieces of wood behind it so she wouldn't fall down when the rain came (and of course it was coming...). The brackets have since been installed.

All the rain we had a couple weeks ago plus the lack of any sun really put the ka-bash on my squash and output has fallen dramatically. However, the broccoli is thriving. We have a slight freeze coming this weekend, but my buddy tells me the brocolli will do ok and slight freezes actually make it sweeter. Him and his wife dip their garden broccoli in Ken's Sweet Vidilia Onion salad dressing. Any worms you may encounter are added protein ;) I still have hope for the cabbage, but unlike the broccoli, it seems to need a little more sun which is something we haven't had much of this year. I sure hope it's not a rainy dreary gray winter!!

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