Thursday, September 24, 2009

Squash, Schrooms, and Siding

Only one month after planting the fall garden, I harvested it's initial offering on the first day of Fall: a fine yellow squash. By the looks of things, I will be swimming in squash. It's amazing how quickly these plants took off considering all the rainy and cloudy days we've had this fall.

The broccoli plants are large but there are crowns yet. The cabbage plants are also large and beginning to form the heads. Each cabbage plant yields only one head, which was news to me. Not sure the cauliflower plants will yield, but we'll see.

The Hardiplank siding work continues. Although glad to begin the job, I will be very happy when this job is complete and hope to get it all painted before winter sets in. I'd be done now if not forced to play hide-n-seek with the rain. However, with so many places on the planet suffering from heat and drought, I suppose one shouldn't complain. That said, I'd much rather be on the Caney Fork with a fly-rod in my hand.

The rain, clouds, and cool condition have caused a multitude of mushrooms to sprout int the yard, some of which I'd never seen here before.

My friend and master gardener Reid showed me his secret spot on the Obed River. We caught alot of smallish fish - sunfish, bream, small mouth bass, and Toosa bass. The river was very shallow (according to Reid, the shallowest he's ever seen it) which is amazing considering all the rain we've had this year. Perhaps it's the raising of the Holiday Hills dam? Perhaps dams in Fairfield Glade? Regardless, the water was low and very warm and the larger fish all seemed to be resting in the deep cool holes. Had a nice muskrat visit me when I waded a bit to close to its home. It's a beautiful small stream, and I cannot wait to fish it next spring.

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