Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kudos to R.L. Winston Rod Co.!

Ever wonder what would happen if you broke your Winston fly-rod? Rest easy my friend. I mailed my 10 year old 8'9" 5-piece Winston LT-4wt fly-rod to the Twin Bridges, Montana company on July 31,2009 to repair a broken tip section. I felt like a young mother sending her first-born off to the first day of kindergarten! Anyhow, the rod came back yesterday August 24, 2009 via UPS. The new rod tip is absolutely flawless! Not only was the cool green color of the rod matched exactly but the tip fits the ferrule perfectly. The new tip has the rod's serial number on it and Winston even replaced the worn O-ring on the tube. I was charged a $50 shipping and handling fee.

Winston's rod repair service is a high quality operation worthy of the rods themselves. I am one happy camper! I can't wait to get back on the water with this rod and catch more trout like the one below. Thank you Winston!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Colorado Trip 2009 - Stats

June21-July26: 35 days
Total Miles Driven: 4300 miles
235 gallons of gasoline, 18.30 mpg
Total gas bill: $629.58 ($2.68/gallon average)
Total Camping Fees Paid: $579.00

Waters Fished:

MeadowCreek Lake
Trappers Lake
Beaver Ponds in Flat Tops
White River Tributaries
Arkansas River
Conejos River
Fryingpan River

Captured Booty:

Henckels Stainless 6" Serrated Knife (stuck in tree at MeadowCreek Lake CG)
Book on Colorado Wildflowers (found on Flat Tops hiking trail)
Golf practice whiffle ball (Arkansas River)
Fish Net (Fryingpan River - in the schtank)
Three flies: PMD and two nymphs (tree limb over Fryingpan River)
$0.38 (under park bench in Basalt)
$0.60 (paper machine change in Salida)

Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills,
One man gathers what another man spills.

Saint Stephen,Garcia/Lesh

Casualty List: Winston XL 5 piece 4 wt Fly-Rod

My Beloved Winston 6-piece Fly-rod (Used to be a 5-piece)

The R.L. Winston company was very quick to respond to my email inquiry regarding fixing this rod. I packaged it up and mailed it off (insured) last week. Can't wait to get this baby back!

I've had several emails about the flies I used on the upper Fryingpan River and why not mysis shrimp imitations. I have nothing against mysis shrimp flies - I just didn't have any and was too cheap to go buy some. I usually stick to dry flies and the lower Fryingpan River. However, I did have some orange attractor nymphs and some zebra midges that I tie for use in TN and ARK. I wanted to see how those would fair on the Pan tailwater. Samples are shown below.

Flies used on upper Fryingpan River (click photo to enlarge)

Orange Attractor: #18, gold head, bright orange body
Zebra Midge: #22, silver head, silver wrap, black thread body
Dry Fly: turns out this was not a PMD as I said earlier, but instead a #18 olive body with grey wings. This was the only dry fly I caught fish on on the Upper Pan.

The most productive setup was the orange attractor (5X), weighted, with about 16" of fluro-carbon tippet (6X) to the zebra midge, with another weight about halfway to the midge to let it drift more naturally. I had some larger midges, but the smaller the better. Also I had some midges with gold heads - no strikes, use the silver #20 or #22. I suspect most of the big fish (that I lost..grrrr) were hitting the zebra midge, as all fish I landed were on the midge except the one brown that very agressively hit the orange attractor. Alot of guys there were using 7X tippet.

I also suspect the dry fly would have done better had it been #20 or even #22.