Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Role Model

Meet Bob from Kansas, yet another interesting Kansan I have met at the Sugarbush campground this year. Bob and his girl Ruthie were out everyday either shooting the Arkansas river rapids or mountain biking all over the territory. Last year, they biked across the US. Ruthie is a bigtime Tour de France fan and knows more about the riders and teams than I do. She even signed up for cable just to get the Versus network so she could watch the stages. Bob on the other hand - you'd never guess he's a retired banker - owns no computer, no cell phone, and no cable TV. He says "I get along just fine without 'em!" Bob's Toyota Tacoma is only a year older than mine but he already has over 200k miles with no trouble at all (mine is pushing 100k miles).

I can only hope I am as spirited and full of adventure as Bob when I am 69 years old! I realize now that I have been limiting my biking to my immediate neighborhood (hill sprints) just due to my fear of a hit and run accident that could be financially devastating. Bob and Ruthie are motivational people and I realize now I need to buy a health care plan and get back on my roadbike and get my endurance and fitness in tip-top form once again!

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