Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

One of life's simple pleasures on the Fryingpan River is easy access to some of the best drinking water on earth. This spring (shown above, click to enlarge) are tested every season by the Forestry service when they test the campground waters. Normally, the water quality reports come back with parts-per-million (PPM) listings of impurities. Not so with this water, so I have been told by multiple sources. This water is 100% H2O, with 0 PPM of *anything* else. That's quite amazing when you think about it. Anyhow, I use this water for all coffee and drinking and of course to fill up the water bottle on my fly-fishing belt. Nothing better than getting off the river on a hot sunny afternoon than to stop by the springs and drink some of this cold and very tasty (as in no taste really) water. A delightful pleasure which filled every jug I had for the trip back home.

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