Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Irishman Grows Potatos

I planted my red potatos on April 18 despite that fact that there were still two more trees shading the garden plot that needed to come down. Being a relative newbie at gardening, I was shocked the plants even came up. Low-n-behold after 3 weeks they were thriving - nice and green, very healthy looking, and no pests at all (it's a completely organic garden). They were quickly taking over the lettuce and spinach plants which I obviously rowed too close to the spuds. You can imagine how shocked I was on Tuesday of this week (June 16) when seemingly overnight the plants went from being very green and healthy to yellow and withered! I was really bummed out! There was no way those potatos should be ready for harvest after only 8 weeks and a garden that was barely getting 4 hours of sunlight a day. On top of that, we've had a very wet and cloudy early spring. Welp, nothing to do but dig 'em up and see what they looked like. What a surprise! Potatos everywhere...they kept multiplying in the ground like a rabbit orgy. Woo-hooo! Five or six plants yielded over 30 potatos, albeit some of them were very small. That said, some were bigger than at Krogers. They all looked very healthy except for one small one that had an insect burrowing into it. The dirt was really rich, lots of worms, and very few bugs.
I am ready to declare my first spring garden a success! The spinich was very tasty, the lettuce delicious, and the potatos - ahhhh, the potatos - Every Irishman's dream. I won't mention the radishes which I planted 6 inches deep. When they didn't come up, I reread the label and the "spacing" was supposed to be 6" and the depth was 1". Next year. Meantime, I am going to make the best potato, egg, and cheese omelet the world has every seen for breakfast tomorrow.

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