Sunday, January 25, 2009

Incompetent to the Last

The last second, the very last nano-second of the Bush administration (the swearing in of Barack Obama as the new President) again displayed the incompetence we have come to know and expect from a Bush appointee. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts blew the Presidential Oath of Office. It's no surprise, however, as the Presidential Oath of Office is contained in Article II, Section I of the US Constitution and of course it is well known the contempt at which the Bush administration has held the US Constitution over the past 8 years. You can watch and listen to the screw-up here:

Was it planned by the neo-Cons as a parting shot? Who knows. I doubt it... more likely it is just another reminder of Bush administration incompetence that has landed the country where it is today. Luckily, unlike so many Bush administration mistakes, this screw-up was later redone correctly.

Good news: our 8 year nightmare is over.
Bad news: it will take the country years, perhaps a decade or longer to recover from the damage done. Of course, that assumes we begin tackling the problems facing us directly, logically, and pragmatically. Time will tell if Obama has the chops....

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