Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trappers Lake

well, here i am in colorado. most of the rivers are blown out due to the heavy snowfall this year, so i have been fishing in some of the high country lakes. not my favorite way to fish (i prefer dry-fly fishing on rives and streams), but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. luckily for me, i ended up at beaufiful and pristine trappers lake. google it - the carhart history is interesting. anyhow, the lake and its surroundings are absolutely beautiful despite the big fire of a few years back. spooky hiking through forests of burned trees, and when the wind blows hard, like it does every afternoon, watch out if you hear a creak or a *crack*!

the cutthroat trout in trappers lake are simply stunning. i took a couple pictures, but the most beautiful trout eluded my grasp just as i was about to click it. anyhow, these cutthroat trout are used as the brood stock for stocking in all of the other lakes in colorado. i caught most of them on, of all things, the #20 zebra midge that i tied for fishing on the caney fork back in tennessee. the fish were feeding on emergers of some sort, but we never figured out exactly what the matching pattern was. i only caught 12-15 cutthroats in 2 1/2 days, but they are real fighters and real pretty fish. you cannot keep them unless they are 10" or smaller (pan size), which is good for the fishery.

saw two bald eagles courting in the sky, my first bald eagle siting in over 20 years (the last time i saw a bald eagle was at lake shasta, CA in the early 80's). these birds seemed well at home at trappers lake.

another lake that fished wonderfully was meadow lake, which i stumbled on while driving the backroad from new castle, CO to buford (south fork of the white river). on this lake, i busted some trout where the two small creeks empty into the lake. in 15 minutes, i caught a brookie, a rainbow, and a lake trout. i call that a "triple play" and if i could have caught a brown it would have been a "grand slam". the fish at meadow lake were just hammering a olive wooly bugger.

below are some pics of trappers (remember the fire). speaking of which, i had another grateful dead "moment", when, after 3 days of no music, i sat in my truck one nite and hit PLAY on the CD player...on came "fire on the mountain", and jerry's guitar and the bands grove seemed to be the perfect vibe for the fire burned country that i was camping in. the solo at the end of the song seemed to underscore the power and fury of what the trapper's lake fire must have been like.

to the young couple that delivered me beer in their canoe - i thank you. hope your "16 week anniversary" continued to be as much fun as it appeared to be. earl and doug, i hope you guys finally figured out what the fish were feeding on!

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