Sunday, July 6, 2008


I almost didn't make this post, but what the heck. Sometimes fisherman are a bit ashamed at their catch, and that is the case with this Fryingpan rainbow, the largest bow I have ever caught. I was with my buddy Matt from Aspen. He likes to fish the Pan with "ham and eggs", that is, with a salmon egg and a San Juan worm dropper. Chris from Denver calls this setup "spaghetti and meatballs". Regardless, I wasn't having any luck with this menu, so I went to a dry/dropper combo after seeing some surface activity. Sure enough, I missed a strike on the dry, but foul hooked the fish with my midge dropper. After a bit of a battle, I landed the fish. Not only was I embarassed to have foul hooked the fish, the kicker was that he had been caught before (like most all large rainbows in the catch-n-release Pan have been), and his lower Jaw had been severely injured and basically detached in a very abnormal fashion. The fish looks more like a shark than it does a rainbow. The pictures are posted below, and this guy might have gone 6 lbs or so. Oh, and to top it off, I asked an older gentlemen who just entered the river if he would mind taking a picture...and he said "I can't help you with that son" (!) I almost fell over as the fly-fishing community is just not like that. I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode when George is at the airport and asks a man wearing a watch what time it was. The man said there was a clock on the wall over there. George says why don't you just look at your watch? The man says again, very irritably, there is a clock on the wall OVER THERE. Exasperated, George says "You know we're living in a SOCIETY!" Thus, the poor pictures. However, I was fairly proud of the picture I took after sweeping the net out away from around the fish and clicking before Jaws swam away. If you can get by the freakish jaw hanging off, you get some idea of the size and beauty of big Fryingpan River rainbows.

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Becky said...

Hi Mike. I'm at your parent's. They wanted to show me the pictures of your fish. I'll have to get back on and read your articles from home. Sounds like you've had quite a trip.