Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clinch River Fly-fishing

so i made another trip over to the clinch river a week or so ago hoping to profit on another sulphur hatch. it was not to be. no hatch, and no dry fly action. i also bombed out with the pheasant tail nymph i had had some luck with on the earlier trip. in desparation i tied on the zebra midge which worked so well on the caney fork but not so much here. well, times had changed and now the zebra midge was generating some action. unfortunately, i discovered this later in the morning and for awhile all i could catch was small bows (i am talking 4-6 inch!), but i finally caught a couple nice fish - a 16" and a 14". eventually it got to hot, the sun too bright, and the fitzman just wanted a cold beer and some shade. the heron in the picture, however, continued to catch fish at a nice clip. at least i got some pictures this time...although, i must admit the rainbow wasn't from this trip - just added it for some colour.

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