Monday, March 17, 2008

Wisconsin's Big Cat

Thanks to my friend Art for these pictures of a big cat that was hit by a car between Eagle River and Woodruff, Wiconsin. "They" say there are no mountain lions left in Wisconsin. Probably the same "they" that say there are no grizz left in Colorado....

I heard today that the Yankees spent more for A-Rod than JPMorgan apparently will spend to buy Bear Stearns. As a rebel infrantryman said at the sight of Nathan Bedford Forest trying to rally his men by slapping their backs with the flat of his sword "It would have been funny if it wasn't so serious."

Market update:

Oil has traded over $110 (although it is backing down now)
Gold has hit a new high of $1030/oz
US dollar has hit a new low. Check out this chart:

That is a picture of your pension being devalued by your Bush led government. I sure am glad we elected a Republican President & Congress who understand business and the markets!


Chena said...

OMG is that cat dead? :'(

Anonymous said...