Monday, March 17, 2008

John Adams and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

anyone watch the HBO mini-series on John Adams? i *really* enjoyed it as it reminded me of two things:

1) the great men and ideas that formed the country
2) the evil the British goverment is capable of

which makes me wonder why in the world we ever elected George Bush (the 24th great-grand child of King Henry Longshanks of "Braveheart" fame) as President of our country. could it be that the British actually won the War of Independence (albeit over 200 years later)?

regardless, Tom Hanks did a great job in the first two episodes, and the character actors for George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were all excellent!

i was particularly struck by the Continental Congress's reading of the Declaration of Independence where they mentioned (i am paraphrasing here) that if a government no longer satisfactorily provides for the welfare of its citizens, the citizens have the right, and indeed the duty, to create a new government that will.

i, michael fitzsimmons, hereby announce my intention to start a NEW government of the United States of America. the basic tenants are as follows:

- Keep the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. all are magnificent documents.

at the same time, we must fix what is surely a broken government. here are my ideas for the structure of the "new" american government:

- Abolish the Electoral College. Popular vote will reign in the land.

- Abolish electronic voting machines. All elections will be held by ballots with signatures. said ballots will be designed to allow automatic counting (and a secure fashion) and the ballots will be kept and available for recount in case of any "irregularities".

- the IRS will be abolished. a consumption tax will be designed to be fair, without tax loopholes, and designed to meet the spending needs of the country.

- the federal government will be responsible to have a balanced budget *every* year.

- the "federal reserve" will be abolished. there is nothing "federal" nor "reserve" about it.

- we will outlaw fascism (which is what we have become today). here is the wikipedia definition of fascism:

- in order to make a good start at erradicating fascism we must add the following amendment to the Consitution:

no one who has not been voted by the citizens of the country to be a Congressman or Senator may take a seat within the halls of our government. in other words, no lobbyist are allowed inside anytime, especially not while legislation is being written. (currently, the lobbyist WRITE the legislation..)

- ALL military action must be voted on by both houses of congress. not just wars, but all the covert bullshit that we do all around the world creating so much death and destruction and which very seldom ever work to our advantage as the "military intelligence" apparatus (is that ever an oxymoron) plan.

well, that's a start...i'll get back to this after my mom's st. patrick's day dinner!

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