Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elliot Spitzer

i am watching CNBC skewer Elliot Spitzer: he's a hypocrit. he abused his power. they are very much celebrating his downfall. however, much like bill clinton, i am still a big fan of the man despite his shortcomings as a human being. spitzer fought for the lil guy: the small investor, the average middle class honest hard working man. he fought against the abuse of power by the wall streeters and their never ending attempts to rig the game ever more in their favor.

i wish CNBC would apply the same moral rules to george bush and the republican party. let's look at the hypocrisy of bush and his buddies:

- small government? (NOT!)
- fiscal repsonsibility (NOT!)
- strong dollar (NOT!)
- intelligent foreign policy (NOT!)
- individual rights (NOT!)
- energy policy (NOT!)
- oath of office even (NOT!)
- good for the stock market (NOT!)

bush and the republicans are lauded by the anchors on CNBC as the champions of business and the party that makes america strong, when the facts indicate exactly the opposite. one could make an argument that the last 8 years have been the country's most damaging period since WWII.

while i certainly am disappointed in elliot spitzer, i still applaud his efforts at tracking down the fraud on wall street. in the end, the powers he fought against helped bring him down. ken langone of home depot fame, one of spitzer's targets, let it slip on CNBC that he knew for a fact that spitzer sent a USPS money order for $2800 for a prostitute. when the reporter asked how he knew that, langone replied that a friend of his was standing in line behind spitzer(!). i am sure the "friend" was a private investigator and that langone, dick grasso, and the other enemies of spitzer were doing everything they could to bring spitzer down (just like bill clinton's impeachment). in the end, they won, and spitzer fell for the ruse. i'd have thought spitzer was smarter than that. that said, did you look at some of those call girls he was seeing? oh doctor!!

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