Friday, February 1, 2008

A Poem: Barak Obama for President

The Fitzman hereby endorses Democratic Senator Barak Obama to be the 44th President of the United States of America. Not a hard call, afterall, there weren't alot of choices on this one. That said, I believe this man could be someone special because I like the way he *thinks*.

I dedicate my support of Mr. Obama with a poem (work-in-progress - to be continued.....):

A Poem: Barak Obama for President

I support Mr. Obama for President,
No more C-student accidents!
Barak's thinking is logical and clear,
But can a black man be President? (oh dear!)

The Neo-cons couldn't find Osama,
Now they must deal with Obama.
To debate him makes the Republicans shiver
They hope Diebold will once again deliver.

As Bush leaves a trail of deficits and debts
Unwarranted wars among many other regrets
Can Obama restore American power and prestige
Around the world's earth, land, and sea?

No match are Romney or McCain,
"Republican" policy caused too much pain.
Obama will bring back the Constitution,
As the dictator exits with constipation.

What's left of the middle class is under fire
Yet the hedge fund millionaires all desire
"No taxes on us!" they say
But Barak says to them "You shall pay!"

As the US dollar drops like a rock,
It seems our only hope is Barak.
The bankers made billions on "AAA" loans,
Yet their tax rate is below even my own!?

Even Paul Volker has lent his support,
As Republican "economics" have fallen well short.
Obama's policies will fix our economy,
While the "Christian" Right has faith in Deuteronomy.

No more government by special interests
No more big oil or richly paid lobbyists
Throw them all out of Washington DC
And let Barak govern for you and for me.

So Hilary should step out of the way,
And let the new JFK save the day!
Her vote on Iraq she regrets,
But Barak won't let us forget....

Oh I wish Obama good luck
As raw nerves he surely has struck!
Barak - good health and God-speed
But please don't campaign in big-D!!!

The End

News Flash: Brittany Spears has gone Nutz!
Hollywood reporters note that Spears has gone crazy
because a judge ordered custody of her children to
her ex-husband. However, the Fitzman has it from
reliable sources that the true reason for Spear's
declining mental state is not the loss of her children,
but because she really, really, REALLY wants to be
Hannah Montana.

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heavyD said...

Hey Cuz, been checking in on your blog, I think you're right on! Especially on peak oil. Seems like the writing is on the wall but why can't we see it? Nice job on the poem! Dana