Sunday, February 10, 2008

Musings on current events and king salmon

Obama has now won 18 of 28 states. Word is that the Florida and Michigan delegates, whose primaries were declared "null" by the Democratic party (although I don't understand why!? diss Florida in the face of recent history?? duh...), will come into play to settle the issue. I am still hoping for an "unresolved" convention where surely the super delegates must realize that Obama would crush McCain in the debates and win the election. That said, I watched the movie "JFK" on TV (again) and I woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed, and had the distinct feeling that there is no way in hell that the war mongers who have controlled our government since JFK was hit would allow Obama to take office. A chill ran down my spine. Yet, one can only hope as hope is about all we have left after 7 years of curious George. At this point, I am sure the power-structure that controls our government would be fine with another member of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton? dynasty to continue.

Heard back from a guy at the RSA who thinks the musket is a very early Remington from the 1830-1850 timeframe. Unfortunately, the gunmaker's records from those days were lost in a fire, so all we have to go on is the RSA historian's experience. There were no other post left in the Forum, so I was kinda bummed about that. Perhaps in time someone will have some knowledge about the gun.

Last week the US dollar showed surprising strength. I suppose the reason was economic weakness in Euroland and perhaps some easing of interest rates there. That said, oil and gold were still strong in the face of a stronger greenback. Exxon took the unprecendented move of convincing the courts to freeze Venezuela's overseas assets in order to make sure if arbitration is successful compensation would be available. Good for COP which is still trading in the mid-70's and hoping for an amicable resolution to the Venezuelan ordeal. British military helped evacuate a rig in the North Sea this weekend due to a terrorist bomb threat.

Ga Tech lost two big games: Maryland (home) and Connecticut (away). With it, I fear the Jackets will be left out of March madness this year unless they win the ACC tournament.

I just read in the Economist magazine:

that the Republicans have a new $500 million "plan" to help Mexico fight their drug war. The "plan" was created in private (of course) and the Democrats are not too happy about it, but I am sure the spineless Dems will go along with it. Why do I bring it up? Over the years the US has spent hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars on "fighting drugs" and what's the end result? I'll tell you:

1) higher prices and higher profit margins for drugs leading to
2) increased gang populations
3) increased crime
4) larger deficits
5) involvement of CIA, FBI, and federal, state, and local law officials in the illegal drug trade

It is time to STOP the "war on drugs". Drug users will use regardless. If we were to stop fighting drugs, the cost would come way down, the profit margin will erode to next to zero, the gangs would lose their power (including the Taliban in Afghanistan.....) and the corrupt officials in our government would need to go out and get real jobs as the American taxpayers are TIRED OF PAYING FOR THIS BS! This country needs some common sense sooo badly.

One cannot help but wonder, is this why our "leader" on the war on terror was so hesistant to secure the border with Mexico? I mean, Bush is on the one hand had his "Homeland Security" department issue terror warnings of various colors and flavors while at the same time he refused to secure the Mexican border and, in at least one state of the union address, actually encouraged cheap labor from central and south America to come to the US (illegally) to work in jobs where they were "so badly needed" because Americans wouldn't take them? Perhaps I am a cynic (ya think?) but it sure seems to me that the lack of an immigration policy is due in the main by a lack of the folks in our government who profit from the illegal drug trade willing to secure our southern border! This, for lack of a better word, is insanity. And, it exists on both isles of Congress. Anyone with a healthy dose of common sense must realize that we cannot have a real immigration policy until we at first SECURE THE BORDER. They can pass all the rules, laws, etc. etc. they want to in Washington, but if the border's are not secure, they are pissin in the wind. It's only common sense, right?

I remember once when me and a girlfriend were camping in California near the "golden triangle". We were staying in a National campground (that is to say, Federal, as in Federal owned land) and got ready after breakfast to take a backpacking trip into the mountains for a day of hiking and communing with nature. We got all our stuff ready to go, put on our day packs, hiking boots, grabbed our walking sticks and headed out. We immediately came to a barbed-wire fence around the campground with a sign that said:

"DANGER!! Booby-traps on trail!! DANGER!!"

I could not friggin believe it. Here, in California, on Federal Land is a sign, put up by the US Forestry, basically admitting that pot was being grown on these lands, the growers will kill you if you come near them, and that the Federal government was not going to do anything about it. How is that for corruption? Reminds me of a friend of mine that went to LSU. He was out riding around with his friends in a Jeep, when his buddy said he needed to make a pickup. They went out to an airstrip where upon a plane arrives and drops out two big bails onto the ground. The Jeep drove over, picked up the bails, and headed back to Baton Rouge. My friend said, hey man, we could get sent down the river if we get caught with a quantity like this! The Jeep's driver said, relax man, how do you think that plane got through? Everybody from the Coast guard to the Sherrif's office, to the Governor are paid off! and he laughed out loud. So, the "war on drugs" does nothing but make the corrupt richer, the gangs bigger and more dangerous, and slicks up yet another way for US dollars to leave the country. Yet another failed war. What a country and what a "policy". See what our policies are doing to the Caribbean:

On the lighter side of life :) last, but certainly not least, my cousin Dana up in Alaska was apparently not too impressed with my landlocked rainbow and decided to try and post his ocean going king salmon pictures in a blog comment. I don't think this blogsite allows HTML images or links, as I tried as well and was also unsuccessful. That said, I am certainly no HTML expert so if any of you wiz kids can figure out how to place images in a comment please let me know. So, in honor of my cuz, and even though it makes my rainbow seem, well, puny, here's two pictures of king salmon from Alaska. The first was "netted" in their May subsistence season (i feel sooo sorry for them "subsisting" on king salmon! :O ) and the second was a January winter king. Are these fish friggin monsters or what?!

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