Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary, Britney, and JFK

Hillary has lost it. In a somewhat emotional and ill-advised speech over the weekend she complained about a leaflet the Obama campaign released which contained factual data about her support for NAFTA and the manditory aspects of her health-care plan. She said every Democrat should be outraged at Obama's techniques.

What Democrats should be outraged at is Hillary. As much as she would like to change her vote on the war, her support for NAFTA, and the manditory aspects of her health care plan, the truth is these are all well documented facts. All Obama did was point out the differences between her positions and his, and that is what a political campaign should be about: policy differences.

The question is: why did the famous Clinton political machine fall into such disarray? The answer is: bad timing. Hillary has probably wanted to be President longer than Bill, but the country wasn't ready for a female President yet, and she never held a high office, so, Bill was first. And what a fantastic 8 years: balanced budgets, a strong dollar, a strong economy, the size of the government was reduced to the size of the Kennedy administration, we had real welfare reform, and a roaring stock market. Better yet, it was all done without huge government spending - you know, the way Republicans say it should be done (but don't do themselves).

There was talk of the "new Camelot" and comparisons to JFK. In Bill Clinton, we had a young, inspiring President that was well-liked throughout the world. Of course the Republicans hated to see a Democrat bring financial stability, small government, and stock market success - all things Republicans are supposed to do. So, they "let the dogs out" and we had an impeachment for which even the Europeans dropped their jaws in shock. I remember talking to a lady from France when I was at a conference in England, and she said "You guys finally got a good President and look what you've done to him!?". I agreed. Contrast that with President Bush, who actually DID fail at his oath to uphold the Constitution in a number of ways: an unconstitutional war, failing to uphold our rights to privacy, not to mention torture and the rape of the US Treasury. But I digress...

Sure there was a stock market bubble toward the end of the Clinton years. However, this was based on citizen investment action, not Clinton or federal government action. That's an important distinction from the current stock market "correction" as a direct result of the Bush years: huge increases in government spending, a war, a tanking US dollar, and the largest growth in the size of the US government (ever). Not to mention a raping of the US treasury very reminiscient of Bush #1's raping of the treasury during the S&L crisis.

For those who say the market bubble of the Clinton years was all for naught, not so fast. Cisco did make internet routers and the world was drapped in fiber-optic cables for internet communications. The result was the fulfillment of all the predicted productivity improvements global internet connectivity would enable.

So, after the disastrous Bush years, I am sure Hillary thought capturing the White House would be a breeze. So, what happened? Welp, bad timing - real bad timing. Hillary has the unfortunate fate of running for President against the most inspiring candidate since the man her husband so badly wanted to mirror himself - JFK. Obama is cool under pressure. He's a great orator and a wonderful debater. He's logical, rational, and speaks from the heart without flash-cards. He has the best interests of the middle-class at the soul of his policies. In a word, he's unbeatable. That is, unless:

a) the war-mongers in control of our government assassinate him like they did JFK or
b) the Diebold electronic voting machines deliver the election to Hillary (the Republicans really want to run against her as they shiver at the thought of an Obama/McCain debate). btw, please note that Diebold is headquartered in Ohio....

One can't help but feel sorry for Hillary....NOT! She can't handle facing someone of Barack's stature, and neither can Bill who so badly wants to be back in the White House to greet all the foreign heads of state again. The Clintons are being beaten at their own game. As Bill Maher said, we haven't seen a black man beat a woman this bad since Ike Turner died. Bill and Hillary are now grasping at straws to try and turn the tide that is taking them out to sea. But to compare Obama's campaign to Karl Rove? Come on guys...get real!

I compare the Hillary meltdown to Britney Spears'. Hillary wants to be the female impersonation of JFK, but it ain't happening. The pundits say Britney's meltdown was over her ex-husband or her kids. Bullshit. Britney just wants to be Hannah Montana, but she aint.

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Anonymous said...

haha and ha. An old dude brings montana and spears into his political rant, that is some good action :)

-minnesota phats