Thursday, February 7, 2008

Antique Remington Double-barrel Musket


i am trying to determine the model, age, and value of a gun my great grandfather once owned. after the pictures is a more detailed description. i also posted on the RSA (Remington Society of America). any other ideas? thanks.

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barrel length: 32 7/16" (double barrel, ball and shot)

total gun length: 48 3/4"
two independent sets of triggers & hammers & flint firing pins

"REMINGTON" (all caps) is imprinted on the engraved metal plates above the triggers and behind the hammers. on the right side, REMINGTON is printed left to right (the "R" toward the butt, the "N" toward the barrel). on the left side, REMINGTON is printed left to right (the "R" toward the barrel end, the "N"toward the butt). also on the engraving plates on both sides is a man with the gun extended at chest level pointed at what appears to be two geese, one above the other and they are identical. there are also plants of a cat-tail variety.
the two barrels are different, with the smaller diameter barrel on the right side (ball holder side). it is 7/16" (ID) and an octagonal shape and the barrel at which the round ball would be shot out of. the left barrel is round and 5/8" (ID) and appears to support shot-gun type ammo. both barrels are 13/16" (OD).
the gun has a pushrod (the one shown is not original) which is supported by two metal guides on the barrel and then slides down into the stock.

the ball holder is on the right side. one original ball is covered in a white powder. the ball is approx.11/32 in diameter with a slight nipple protruding which i expect is from pouring into the nippers(shown). the nippers are 5 1/4" long and have two compartments,one round for a ball, and one rifled (see pics). both could be shot from the smaller, octagonal barrel. the ball found in the ball holder fits the nippers' round compartment and i would assume were made from these nippers. the nippers are deeply scratched above the round ball mold as though someone attempted to enlarge the compartment and make a larger sized ball (perhaps to fit the larger barrel). they apparently gave up after minimum progress.
the metal around the shoulder rest and up and around the triggers appears to be brass but definitely is a different metal than the triggers, hammers, and barrel, which all appear to be the same metal.
the right hammer spring and trigger still function. the flint insert is still there.
the left hammer spring is broken and the hammer will not stay back. the left trigger likewise has no tension. the left flint insert is missing. since the insert is missing, i can see that it is a threaded insert.

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dana said...

Mike, nice piece. I'll show it to some of my gun nut friends, see if they know anything. Dana