Friday, February 29, 2008

Ron Paul, Ben Bernanke, and the US Dollar

did anyone catch the exchange yesterday between ron paul and ben bernanke? it was a classic summary of the failed bush administration's "economic policy":

ron paul: "ben, what do you have to say about the weak US dollar?"

ben: "the federal reserve doesn't comment on the dollar, that is the treasury department's job."

ron paul: "what is your job?"

ben: "as you are aware, the federal reserve is responsible for maintaining economic growth and price stability(inflation)."

ron paul: "please explain to me how you can be responsible for inflation if you are not responsible for maintaining US dollar strength? isn't it US dollar weakness that has led to the current inflationary spiral? for instance, oil is way up in price, but in terms of the price of gold, oil is basically flat. it is in US dollar terms that the price of oil is sky-rocketing. isn't the problem here the weak US dollar?"

at this point, after being caught dead in his circular logic, bernanke hemmed and hawed and looked at paul with that detestable smirk he so often regards paul with. funny though how paul was cool and calm (for once) and bernanke was the one with sweat on his round (and red) bald head.

as with peak oil, the first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledge the problem. bernanke refuses to do this because he is under marching orders to bail out the wall streeters and bush administration by cranking up the printing presses (again). of course this will be at the expense of the ever shrinking middle class as they pay more for food, fuel, and in the near future everything else as the US dollar continues to tank. thank god bush has less than a year left...will we survive it? i am not even sure obama and a friendly congress can fix the mess we are in now. it is a deep, deep hole and when bernanke cuts rates again next month, it will be a couple feet deeper....

meanwhile, it was a great weak for investing if one was betting on a weaker dollar (duh) and for strength in dollar based commodities. you better make all the US dollars you can now, because they are worth less and less everyday.

speaking of the US dollar, which of course was hammered after bernanke's testimony and hit new lows, i have added some links to my blogsite in the upper right hand corner. here you can easily monitor the price of oil, gold, and the US dollar index. these are the three components that will drive the US economy (and your investment returns, or lack of them) in the years to come. good luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Market Update and a Note on Punctuation

those of you have emailed me for years know that i rarely used capital letters. not sure why i tried to "be right" on this blogsite, but alas, i am tired of it and will revert back to my normal style. call it laziness but i just don't like to hold and hit two keys when i can hit one be done with it (i think i am being more efficient). if it's a problem for some of you, don't worry: speech recognition will come along soon and i won't even have to type and all the capitalization will be done automatically. until then, please realize i do know the rules of capitalization, i just chose not to abide by them (what a friggin rebel, huh?).

perhaps it's the glee in finishing my taxes, or maybe the motivation of getting two comments in one day (zow-eee! somebody's actually reading this? why??), but i feel compelled to blog today. besides, it's snowing and supposed to hit 20 degrees tonite and i have absolutely nothing else to do but read my shelby foote civil war book which i don't want to read cause i don't want to finish it!

i would turn to basketball, but i forgot to watch the friggin TN/Memphis game (Vols won, and what a fun team to watch play b-ball, no wonder they are #1) and Georgia Tech is in a death, back to my other winter time hobby....


two all-time highs today: oil and dollar(NOT), or, in logic design parlance ~USD. for those of you not versed in logic design vernacular, the US dollar hit an all-time low, and therefore the inverse would have hit an all-time high. check out the dollar's drop of over 1% today:

it is not surprising, therefore, that oil traded at an all-time high of over $101/barrel. the two are of course linked since oil is prices in US dollars (at least for now). woe is the day if the middle eastern countries decide to switch to the euro, which they are considering. perhaps obama can take a seat in the white house and turn America's finances around. meantime, will Bernanke cut again in march inflation booming? the fed has already made the decision for "growth" as opposed to "fighting inflation", but the question remains, just how far will they go with rate cuts? which is in affect asking, just how low will the US dollar drop? i read once that the UK pound dropped 80% when it went from world-leader to "has been". we could only be half-way down the slope...and oil will grease the slope...

hey, did anyone see the rally in silver today?

3.8% what's up with that? guess is that news that the IMF will sell a bunch of gold in an attempt to cool it off (and prop up fiat currencies like the US dollar....). so, investors said hey, that will dampen gold for awhile...and platinum has skied already, so hey, let's go into silver, and boy, go they went! this is even after some relatively bearish silver inventory reports in the last few weeks. that said, gold was up $10/oz today.

as far as equities go, the OSX (oil service index) has come roaring back from the "correction" that had me shakin in my boots last month. i still see the oil services as the best overall investment for the next 10 years (Fidelity Select Energy Services) , followed by energy in general, and precious metals running a very close 3rd (Vanguard Precious Metals). and that's it. perhaps some money in DBC (or other type of commodity ETF, maybe an AG one), but it is certainly not a time to be "broadly diversified" as susie orman and the other financial "experts" keep saying. broadly diversified now means very mediocre returns or even negative returns. US bonds or CD's? forget about it, falling dollar and inflation will eat them up. dead money. S&P 500? look at the S&P500 returns in the 1970's to have a clue as to where the index is headed in the years to come. peak oil will continue to drive all investment returns until we (the world in general, but specifically the biggest consumer of oil, the US) take rational steps to solve the crisis. i don't see policy or investment anywhere near the level needed to solve the oncoming peak oil crisis. so, oil is going higher. much, much higher.

the first step in solving any problem is to acknowledge the problem exists in the first place. apparently, oil at $100/barrel won't pull the heads out of the sand. perhaps $200/barrel will be what it takes? regardless, how can someone talk about "national security" when the biggest threat to our national security isn't even acknowledged? many investors are going to lose their collective asses, and we may even lose our country. it's that serious folks.

meanwhile, good old COP is back to $84. i said back on Jan 24's blog that COP in the low 70's was a screaming BUY. i don't see how COP doesn't hit $100 this year as they are printing money and the recent bull market in natural gas is great for them (COP is the nations largest producer of natural gas). meanwhile i am kicking myself in the ass for not jumping on PBR and SLB a few weeks back when they were selling at 20 percent discounts. perhaps it was all the red wine i was drinking at the time to keep from thinking about all the money i was losing in the "correction". i did buy some SLB, but not enough (what a wuss). regardless, february has been a great month for energy investors. all that said, it's all temporary and who really cares when it will soon be time to go fly-fishing again and forget all this crapola.

can't wait for the debate tonite. this week hillary has compared obama's campaign to something out of karl rove's playbook (girl, you can't be serious!). she denied releasing a nice picture of barack in a somali turbin. this was after a staffer of hers quit a few weeks back after her campaign released a scare tactic email informing gullible americans that obama is a muslim (when in fact he is church of christ if memory serves). easy to believe though when your name ryhmes with osama and your middle name is hussein. regardless, muslim or not, the man can THINK, which is what we need (and have needed for the last 7 years...). besides, he hasn't taken a dime of lobbyist money, and i tell ya, he thinks like me on lobbyist: if you haven't been voted into congress by the American people, you don't get to sit in the Congressional chamber when it is session (like lobbyist now do). hell, lobbyist now WRITE the legislation. this will end with obama in the white house.

oh, and while i'm at it, what is with women saying "i am voting for hillary because it's time for a female president". whooooa doctor!! are you kidding me? can you imagine gloria steinem's reaction if i was to say to her that i am voting for obama because he's a man? omg, she would lay into me until i was layed out (and as bad as i need to get laid, i don't think gloria would do it for me). point is, women have "suffraged" for the right to vote (pun intended) and for equal rights and now that they have a lady (although some wonder if hillary actually counts as one...) candidate running for president they vote for her just because "it's time for a woman president"?? i don't thinks so girls..what about policy? this campaign isn't about race or gender, it's about ideas and policy and the ability to display critical thinking. vote for a woman even if her vote on iraq enabled bush to be bush? vote for her even if her health care plan mandates everyone participates even if they cannot afford it? i mean as much as i yearn for a return to the policies of bill clinton, that's not reason for me to vote for hillary. i mean i just dont see how someone can watch barack consistently beat hillary up in these debates (although very nicely and with a coy smile on his face), and think that hillary is a better choice for the white house. nope, it's feminist double-talk, and i am dissapointed in the women-folk that are practicing this. hell, the lil waitress at the chinese restaurant didnt even talk to me today after we had a conversation last week about her support for hillary and my support for obama. her reason was "it's time for a woman in the white house". of course, i think she really wondered how in the hell any white person could possible vote for a black man (after all, i am in middle tennessee...and havent even seen a black person in months). anyhow, she used to like me and chit-chat and flirt...and now she sends the other girl over to bring my water, lemon, chop-sticks, and chives for my hot & sour soup. feminist double-talk - but the soup was awesome.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary, Britney, and JFK

Hillary has lost it. In a somewhat emotional and ill-advised speech over the weekend she complained about a leaflet the Obama campaign released which contained factual data about her support for NAFTA and the manditory aspects of her health-care plan. She said every Democrat should be outraged at Obama's techniques.

What Democrats should be outraged at is Hillary. As much as she would like to change her vote on the war, her support for NAFTA, and the manditory aspects of her health care plan, the truth is these are all well documented facts. All Obama did was point out the differences between her positions and his, and that is what a political campaign should be about: policy differences.

The question is: why did the famous Clinton political machine fall into such disarray? The answer is: bad timing. Hillary has probably wanted to be President longer than Bill, but the country wasn't ready for a female President yet, and she never held a high office, so, Bill was first. And what a fantastic 8 years: balanced budgets, a strong dollar, a strong economy, the size of the government was reduced to the size of the Kennedy administration, we had real welfare reform, and a roaring stock market. Better yet, it was all done without huge government spending - you know, the way Republicans say it should be done (but don't do themselves).

There was talk of the "new Camelot" and comparisons to JFK. In Bill Clinton, we had a young, inspiring President that was well-liked throughout the world. Of course the Republicans hated to see a Democrat bring financial stability, small government, and stock market success - all things Republicans are supposed to do. So, they "let the dogs out" and we had an impeachment for which even the Europeans dropped their jaws in shock. I remember talking to a lady from France when I was at a conference in England, and she said "You guys finally got a good President and look what you've done to him!?". I agreed. Contrast that with President Bush, who actually DID fail at his oath to uphold the Constitution in a number of ways: an unconstitutional war, failing to uphold our rights to privacy, not to mention torture and the rape of the US Treasury. But I digress...

Sure there was a stock market bubble toward the end of the Clinton years. However, this was based on citizen investment action, not Clinton or federal government action. That's an important distinction from the current stock market "correction" as a direct result of the Bush years: huge increases in government spending, a war, a tanking US dollar, and the largest growth in the size of the US government (ever). Not to mention a raping of the US treasury very reminiscient of Bush #1's raping of the treasury during the S&L crisis.

For those who say the market bubble of the Clinton years was all for naught, not so fast. Cisco did make internet routers and the world was drapped in fiber-optic cables for internet communications. The result was the fulfillment of all the predicted productivity improvements global internet connectivity would enable.

So, after the disastrous Bush years, I am sure Hillary thought capturing the White House would be a breeze. So, what happened? Welp, bad timing - real bad timing. Hillary has the unfortunate fate of running for President against the most inspiring candidate since the man her husband so badly wanted to mirror himself - JFK. Obama is cool under pressure. He's a great orator and a wonderful debater. He's logical, rational, and speaks from the heart without flash-cards. He has the best interests of the middle-class at the soul of his policies. In a word, he's unbeatable. That is, unless:

a) the war-mongers in control of our government assassinate him like they did JFK or
b) the Diebold electronic voting machines deliver the election to Hillary (the Republicans really want to run against her as they shiver at the thought of an Obama/McCain debate). btw, please note that Diebold is headquartered in Ohio....

One can't help but feel sorry for Hillary....NOT! She can't handle facing someone of Barack's stature, and neither can Bill who so badly wants to be back in the White House to greet all the foreign heads of state again. The Clintons are being beaten at their own game. As Bill Maher said, we haven't seen a black man beat a woman this bad since Ike Turner died. Bill and Hillary are now grasping at straws to try and turn the tide that is taking them out to sea. But to compare Obama's campaign to Karl Rove? Come on guys...get real!

I compare the Hillary meltdown to Britney Spears'. Hillary wants to be the female impersonation of JFK, but it ain't happening. The pundits say Britney's meltdown was over her ex-husband or her kids. Bullshit. Britney just wants to be Hannah Montana, but she aint.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Energy, Sustainability, and Project "Better Place"

Regardless of the state of the economy, the stock market has apparently figured out that oil and gas will still be required (duh). As a result, oil is again approaching $100/barrel, oil stocks have recovered roughly half their January loses, and oil service stocks have recently had a couple days of amazing gains, although still down quite a bit from the beginning of the year. Gold is up $20 bucks today and the dollar is coming back to Earth after what I would term a false rally.

Speaking of oil, yet another oil company CEO is warning about peak oil and the inability of worldwide oil production to meet demand in the 2015 timeframe:,-Hess-chief-says/site_license.cfm?sl=petrobras

So, now we have at least three oil company CEO's (Conoco Philips, Royal Dutch Shell, and Hess) warn of peak oil and its severe consequences if energy policies don't change. We can throw in Boone Pickens as well. I love his comment on the CNBC commercial:

"A fool with a plan is better than a genius without a plan."

Speaking of a genius with a plan, the Bush administration and the US Energy Dept. continue to stumble aimlessly toward a most uncertain energy future. Well, aimlessly isn't the right word. I suppose the aim of invading Iraq was to steal the oil. On that front, Iraqi production has, in the last few months, gotten back up to the pre-invasion level. So, after years of war, dead soldiers, and mountains of debt, we are at the break-even point (if indeed the strategic objective was to "get the oil"). So, if we are to "win the war", US oil majors must get lucrative Iraqi contracts that allow them to pump out substantially more oil at substantially bigger discounts and bring it all back to the good old USA. Even if that were all to come to pass, it would take years to recoup the "investment" Bush has made in Iraq.

Meanwhile, there ARE folks out there doing their best to logically prepare us for the future. Take Aaron Wissner, who I have been exchanging emails with since he was mentioned in a cover story in the WSJ some time back. He has founded "Local Future" and along with other educators is promoting the "International Conference on Peak Oil and Climate Change: Paths to Sustainability". I only wish it had been a bit closer to me! Here's the website:

Click on the "Presenters" tab and check out the people and topics being covered. As Neil Young would say "innaresting". I like the approach Aaron is taking: when oil becomes scarce and the price prohibitive, the future will naturally become more local (thus "Local Future"). Hmmm....this reminds me - I need to get off my butt and get down to the slaughterhouse where they will fill up my pick-up truck with a mixture of sawdust and cowshit for $5 a load! What a steal. A neighbor of mine, a fit-as-a-fiddle 70 year old farmer from Minnesota, told me that stuff is the best foundation for starting a garden. That said, my lot would need some trees cut down to make a nice sunny garden space. At least I have the wood-burning stove.

Another "man of the future" is Shai Agassi (nope, no relation to Andre). Agassi has successfully convinced the government of Israel, in partnership with Carlos Ghosn's Nissan, to allow Israel be the proving ground for Agassi's electric car vision of "Project Better Place". Read about it here:

Maybe it is my perverse sense of humour, but this seems almost Biblical to me. I mean, the chosen ones throwing off the shackles of Arab oil? What a panic. It actually has a great chance of succeeding since the country is very small and short auto trips the norm. And, the idea of electric batteries that are merely taken out of the car and replaced at a charging station makes sense to me. I mean, the big issue with electric cars is range and readily available juiced batteries. It will be interesting to watch this project unfold over the next few years. Isn't it too bad the US Energy Department couldn't be a partner in Project Better Place in some US city? Maybe some day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Musings on current events and king salmon

Obama has now won 18 of 28 states. Word is that the Florida and Michigan delegates, whose primaries were declared "null" by the Democratic party (although I don't understand why!? diss Florida in the face of recent history?? duh...), will come into play to settle the issue. I am still hoping for an "unresolved" convention where surely the super delegates must realize that Obama would crush McCain in the debates and win the election. That said, I watched the movie "JFK" on TV (again) and I woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed, and had the distinct feeling that there is no way in hell that the war mongers who have controlled our government since JFK was hit would allow Obama to take office. A chill ran down my spine. Yet, one can only hope as hope is about all we have left after 7 years of curious George. At this point, I am sure the power-structure that controls our government would be fine with another member of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton? dynasty to continue.

Heard back from a guy at the RSA who thinks the musket is a very early Remington from the 1830-1850 timeframe. Unfortunately, the gunmaker's records from those days were lost in a fire, so all we have to go on is the RSA historian's experience. There were no other post left in the Forum, so I was kinda bummed about that. Perhaps in time someone will have some knowledge about the gun.

Last week the US dollar showed surprising strength. I suppose the reason was economic weakness in Euroland and perhaps some easing of interest rates there. That said, oil and gold were still strong in the face of a stronger greenback. Exxon took the unprecendented move of convincing the courts to freeze Venezuela's overseas assets in order to make sure if arbitration is successful compensation would be available. Good for COP which is still trading in the mid-70's and hoping for an amicable resolution to the Venezuelan ordeal. British military helped evacuate a rig in the North Sea this weekend due to a terrorist bomb threat.

Ga Tech lost two big games: Maryland (home) and Connecticut (away). With it, I fear the Jackets will be left out of March madness this year unless they win the ACC tournament.

I just read in the Economist magazine:

that the Republicans have a new $500 million "plan" to help Mexico fight their drug war. The "plan" was created in private (of course) and the Democrats are not too happy about it, but I am sure the spineless Dems will go along with it. Why do I bring it up? Over the years the US has spent hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars on "fighting drugs" and what's the end result? I'll tell you:

1) higher prices and higher profit margins for drugs leading to
2) increased gang populations
3) increased crime
4) larger deficits
5) involvement of CIA, FBI, and federal, state, and local law officials in the illegal drug trade

It is time to STOP the "war on drugs". Drug users will use regardless. If we were to stop fighting drugs, the cost would come way down, the profit margin will erode to next to zero, the gangs would lose their power (including the Taliban in Afghanistan.....) and the corrupt officials in our government would need to go out and get real jobs as the American taxpayers are TIRED OF PAYING FOR THIS BS! This country needs some common sense sooo badly.

One cannot help but wonder, is this why our "leader" on the war on terror was so hesistant to secure the border with Mexico? I mean, Bush is on the one hand had his "Homeland Security" department issue terror warnings of various colors and flavors while at the same time he refused to secure the Mexican border and, in at least one state of the union address, actually encouraged cheap labor from central and south America to come to the US (illegally) to work in jobs where they were "so badly needed" because Americans wouldn't take them? Perhaps I am a cynic (ya think?) but it sure seems to me that the lack of an immigration policy is due in the main by a lack of the folks in our government who profit from the illegal drug trade willing to secure our southern border! This, for lack of a better word, is insanity. And, it exists on both isles of Congress. Anyone with a healthy dose of common sense must realize that we cannot have a real immigration policy until we at first SECURE THE BORDER. They can pass all the rules, laws, etc. etc. they want to in Washington, but if the border's are not secure, they are pissin in the wind. It's only common sense, right?

I remember once when me and a girlfriend were camping in California near the "golden triangle". We were staying in a National campground (that is to say, Federal, as in Federal owned land) and got ready after breakfast to take a backpacking trip into the mountains for a day of hiking and communing with nature. We got all our stuff ready to go, put on our day packs, hiking boots, grabbed our walking sticks and headed out. We immediately came to a barbed-wire fence around the campground with a sign that said:

"DANGER!! Booby-traps on trail!! DANGER!!"

I could not friggin believe it. Here, in California, on Federal Land is a sign, put up by the US Forestry, basically admitting that pot was being grown on these lands, the growers will kill you if you come near them, and that the Federal government was not going to do anything about it. How is that for corruption? Reminds me of a friend of mine that went to LSU. He was out riding around with his friends in a Jeep, when his buddy said he needed to make a pickup. They went out to an airstrip where upon a plane arrives and drops out two big bails onto the ground. The Jeep drove over, picked up the bails, and headed back to Baton Rouge. My friend said, hey man, we could get sent down the river if we get caught with a quantity like this! The Jeep's driver said, relax man, how do you think that plane got through? Everybody from the Coast guard to the Sherrif's office, to the Governor are paid off! and he laughed out loud. So, the "war on drugs" does nothing but make the corrupt richer, the gangs bigger and more dangerous, and slicks up yet another way for US dollars to leave the country. Yet another failed war. What a country and what a "policy". See what our policies are doing to the Caribbean:

On the lighter side of life :) last, but certainly not least, my cousin Dana up in Alaska was apparently not too impressed with my landlocked rainbow and decided to try and post his ocean going king salmon pictures in a blog comment. I don't think this blogsite allows HTML images or links, as I tried as well and was also unsuccessful. That said, I am certainly no HTML expert so if any of you wiz kids can figure out how to place images in a comment please let me know. So, in honor of my cuz, and even though it makes my rainbow seem, well, puny, here's two pictures of king salmon from Alaska. The first was "netted" in their May subsistence season (i feel sooo sorry for them "subsisting" on king salmon! :O ) and the second was a January winter king. Are these fish friggin monsters or what?!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Antique Remington Double-barrel Musket


i am trying to determine the model, age, and value of a gun my great grandfather once owned. after the pictures is a more detailed description. i also posted on the RSA (Remington Society of America). any other ideas? thanks.

best regards,



barrel length: 32 7/16" (double barrel, ball and shot)

total gun length: 48 3/4"
two independent sets of triggers & hammers & flint firing pins

"REMINGTON" (all caps) is imprinted on the engraved metal plates above the triggers and behind the hammers. on the right side, REMINGTON is printed left to right (the "R" toward the butt, the "N" toward the barrel). on the left side, REMINGTON is printed left to right (the "R" toward the barrel end, the "N"toward the butt). also on the engraving plates on both sides is a man with the gun extended at chest level pointed at what appears to be two geese, one above the other and they are identical. there are also plants of a cat-tail variety.
the two barrels are different, with the smaller diameter barrel on the right side (ball holder side). it is 7/16" (ID) and an octagonal shape and the barrel at which the round ball would be shot out of. the left barrel is round and 5/8" (ID) and appears to support shot-gun type ammo. both barrels are 13/16" (OD).
the gun has a pushrod (the one shown is not original) which is supported by two metal guides on the barrel and then slides down into the stock.

the ball holder is on the right side. one original ball is covered in a white powder. the ball is approx.11/32 in diameter with a slight nipple protruding which i expect is from pouring into the nippers(shown). the nippers are 5 1/4" long and have two compartments,one round for a ball, and one rifled (see pics). both could be shot from the smaller, octagonal barrel. the ball found in the ball holder fits the nippers' round compartment and i would assume were made from these nippers. the nippers are deeply scratched above the round ball mold as though someone attempted to enlarge the compartment and make a larger sized ball (perhaps to fit the larger barrel). they apparently gave up after minimum progress.
the metal around the shoulder rest and up and around the triggers appears to be brass but definitely is a different metal than the triggers, hammers, and barrel, which all appear to be the same metal.
the right hammer spring and trigger still function. the flint insert is still there.
the left hammer spring is broken and the hammer will not stay back. the left trigger likewise has no tension. the left flint insert is missing. since the insert is missing, i can see that it is a threaded insert.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Poem: Barak Obama for President

The Fitzman hereby endorses Democratic Senator Barak Obama to be the 44th President of the United States of America. Not a hard call, afterall, there weren't alot of choices on this one. That said, I believe this man could be someone special because I like the way he *thinks*.

I dedicate my support of Mr. Obama with a poem (work-in-progress - to be continued.....):

A Poem: Barak Obama for President

I support Mr. Obama for President,
No more C-student accidents!
Barak's thinking is logical and clear,
But can a black man be President? (oh dear!)

The Neo-cons couldn't find Osama,
Now they must deal with Obama.
To debate him makes the Republicans shiver
They hope Diebold will once again deliver.

As Bush leaves a trail of deficits and debts
Unwarranted wars among many other regrets
Can Obama restore American power and prestige
Around the world's earth, land, and sea?

No match are Romney or McCain,
"Republican" policy caused too much pain.
Obama will bring back the Constitution,
As the dictator exits with constipation.

What's left of the middle class is under fire
Yet the hedge fund millionaires all desire
"No taxes on us!" they say
But Barak says to them "You shall pay!"

As the US dollar drops like a rock,
It seems our only hope is Barak.
The bankers made billions on "AAA" loans,
Yet their tax rate is below even my own!?

Even Paul Volker has lent his support,
As Republican "economics" have fallen well short.
Obama's policies will fix our economy,
While the "Christian" Right has faith in Deuteronomy.

No more government by special interests
No more big oil or richly paid lobbyists
Throw them all out of Washington DC
And let Barak govern for you and for me.

So Hilary should step out of the way,
And let the new JFK save the day!
Her vote on Iraq she regrets,
But Barak won't let us forget....

Oh I wish Obama good luck
As raw nerves he surely has struck!
Barak - good health and God-speed
But please don't campaign in big-D!!!

The End

News Flash: Brittany Spears has gone Nutz!
Hollywood reporters note that Spears has gone crazy
because a judge ordered custody of her children to
her ex-husband. However, the Fitzman has it from
reliable sources that the true reason for Spear's
declining mental state is not the loss of her children,
but because she really, really, REALLY wants to be
Hannah Montana.