Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Primary Colors

Obama wins Iowa with Hillary 3rd (yippee!). Although Hillary wins NH, and Obama comes in 2nd, he gets the same number of NH delegates as Clinton.

After the win in mostly white Iowa, rumour has it the black religious leaders in South Carolina and Atlanta who previously were backing Clinton are abandoning Hillary as they now feel Obama actually has a chance to win a national election.

Ron Paul almost gets as many votes as Giuliani, but no delegates. (Is it true that all of Giuliani's sentences have a noun, a verb, and 9/11?)/ Paul's speech after the primary was electric and his young supporters were full of energy. Ron Paul is the only candidate out there who seems to understand the long-term consequences of how the Republicans have raped the treasury and the dollar's 40% drop in value since Bush took office. He has no chance of winning I suppose, but you gotta love a guy who lays it all out for people to see. Young people are beginning to see the country they are going to inherit from the present war-mongering power elite in Washington.

Meanwhile, McCain rises from the dead to win NH on the Republican side. I believe his message of fairer taxes and fiscal responsibility rang true with the frugal Yankee state. Huckabee came in 3rd after winning Iowa. Romney came in second after spending more money than the sub-primers stole from European investors.

How ironic is it that the leading candidates' names are Obama (ryhmes with Osama) and Huckabee? Can you imagine being introduced as President Huckabee? Sounds like a character out of a Mark Twain story.

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