Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LSU 38 Ohio State 24 (So sorry Mom)

After scoring the first 10 points of the game, Ohio State wilted as LSU came roaring back to make the game a laugher. Just as last year when Ohio State ran the opening kick-off back to lead Florida 7-0, Ohio State took an early lead only to see the highlight film stop after the first quarter.
With respect to the debate about the best football conference in the land, this debate is officially OVER. Bowl records:

Big 10 5-5
SEC 7-2

The only ray of light for Big 10 fans was Michigan's 41-35 win over the Florida Gators(congradulations Frank!). If not for the multitude of Michigan turnovers, the margin of victory in this game would have been much greater.
But alas, SEC teams LSU and Georgia end the year #1 and #2, and OSU falls to #5.

As my LSU grad neice said the other night to my mom, "what is a buckeye anyway?" She was extremely puzzled on the response and said "how can LSU possibly lose the game when their mascot is a powerful fighting Tiger and Ohio State's was some kind of nut?"

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