Friday, December 28, 2007

The Nintendo Wii

has anyone else played with the wii yet? my friend mel bought a set for her kids and, after shish-kabobs last night (friggin yummy!), we hooked it up and checked it out. the tennis is amazing! after mel abused me in the first few games, i got revenge with a cross-court backhand to win the set! is it my imagination, or does that sensor software actually take into account a top-spin forehand? it sure looked like it to me. was it the wine, or did a slice backhand actually cause the ball to spin correctly? what a panic.

the game even reminds you every once in awhile to go outside and take a look around.

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Sparky said...

Klaus Fritzenheimer!! Another bookmark for my browser, yippee!

Got a Wii myself this month. You have to play Tiger Woods Golf 2008. Pebble Beach in your living room. I don't even get the yips when I play it.

Go Jackets.