Friday, December 28, 2007

Can we recover from Bush?

Doesn't matter what you look at: domestic policy, foreign policy, fiscal policy, or environmental policy: George Bush has been a presidential disaster that the US may well not recover from.

On the domestic side, there has been no real investment in the things that America needs to be great: education, infrastructure, health care. Meanwhile, our Constitution has been thrown out the window, and US citizens are losing their rights at an alarming rate.

On foreign policy: we have gone from a much admired nation to the most hated nation on the planet. Invading Iraq to steal the oil is simply a disastrous policy. Supporting torture has probably done more to harm the reputation of the US than anything I can think of. Our blatent disregard for our friends ("old Europe" as Chaney characterized them) was just plain stupid.

On fiscal policy: the deficits the Republicans have run-up are just incredible. Their refusal to tax hedge fund managers making hundreds of millions of dollar is inexcusable. So, the Federal reserve has to crank up the printing press and flood the world with millons of paper dollars, the dollar subsequently drops like a rock, and oil (priced in US dollars) soars. And these guys call themselves "conservative Republicans"? Come on. When I was growing up, that meant small government and balanced budgets. Now it means large government and grotesque spending. Meanwhile, the raping of the national treasury continues unabated and dollars are flooding the world market. What happens when the Chinese stop buying our bonds?

On the environment: Bush continues to let the coal burning utilities release their CO2 and mercury into the atmosphere. Mercury is now, in my opinion, the biggest threat to human health as it has now invaded not only our seafood but our water tables as well. Any person with a background in physics knows what the half-life of mercury is. The Bush administration, however, has admitted (after 6 years) that global warming is accelerating due to man but this only after every country on the planet pointed fingers at them.

On energy policy: well, we don't have one other than to start wars to try to steal oil. The US should begin a MASSIVE iniative to build out wind, solar, and nuclear energy along with the infrastructure to support non-gasoline powered automobiles. The adminstration continues to ignore the most important issue of peak oil (surprised considering the "oil men" in office??) as does the US media and the American public.

Can we survive Bush's 8 years in office? The only way is for a real "statesmen" to emerge who will not be scared to tackle the REAL problems this country faces.

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